Prac students

I have been glad to see that other students are also enjoying their pracs. Debbie wrote a few days ago about her first day on prac and her excitement about her own lessons which she had coming up. I was interested to see that throughout the school I am in (it’s a P to 12 school) that there are currently 5 prac students spread out throughout the different grades. Guess it is a busy time of year for education students everywhere. How are everyone else’s experiences going? Hope all goes well.




My first week

Well the first four days of prac are down! While I was feeling nervous in the lead up to prac I am certainly feeling more relaxed now. My mentor teacher is happy for me to take on most of the routine sort of lessons in the room (spelling tests, oral language etc) so my confidence with the class has built up so much. Now I am starting to get involved in the planned lessons teaching new content which is very exciting. The kids are doing a poetry and a geography unit which will both use a lot of different ICT’s in the coming weeks which will be fantastic to be involved in. But for now I am turning my attention to the phonics lesson I will be taking on Tuesday which will use the interactive whiteboard so wish me luck!


Check out these blogs!

I would now like to share some of my favourite blogs from teachers that I have been following since the beginning of this subject. I have enjoyed having my eyes opened to the wide world of teacher blogging as I felt a connection with these teacher through their passion and enthusiasm. Perhaps teachers everywhere could feel connected and supported by a strong network of supportive professionals in a casual environment. I really enjoyed reading Education to the Core and Busy Bees from a primary perspective. Beansprout Preschool Blog is a fascinating read as it is very inspirational for both my study and my work. Hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

Primary Resources

Here is a link to another website that is full of resources and suggestions for lesson plans for primary classrooms. Primary resources is a well established website that has categories covering every subject imaginable including an extensive section on ICT. There was a brilliant PDF about using Microsoft movie maker aimed at children. This would be useful since I know I had enough issues trying to navigate the program for other uni assessment. I will certainly be referring to this website for inspiration as I go about my lesson planning for my practical experience. Does anyone else have any great resources for ICT lesson planning they plan on using?  

Susan Burkes Interactive Lesson Designs

As I am going into prac with the intention of utilising the interactive whiteboard extensively, I have been researching different ways of using interactive whiteboards creatively. Susan Burkes Interactive Lesson Design offers both free and a subscription service for teachers to access for the use on most whiteboards. The website specifies a motivating factor as keeping learning interactive and children engaged. Looking through the free lessons available topics include both mathematic and literacy skills.  If you will have access to an interactive whiteboard over your prac head over to the site to get some inspiration and maybe even a free lesson!

Ahhh Prac!

Who’s getting excited for prac to start tomorrow?? I sure am but the nerves are also beginning to take hold. This is probably due to grade three being the oldest children I have ever taught by far! My two year olds at day care are much closer to my comfort zone. I was relieved to see Justene has also been experiencing some nerves so it goes to show I am not alone. I am planning to head in tomorrow with a positive attitude of trying to learn as much as possible. In preparation I have been trying to find as many resources as possible. A great resource for interacting with other students (apart from this blog) is the facebook study group. Lots of questions and discussions and the ability to share resources. The facebook group is available here. I’ll share some of the best resources in my next few posts.

Pro’s vs Con’s

The other thing that got me thinking in my exploration of the connect.ed resources is the amount of literacy that students are engaged with using technology. Perhaps students who would never pick up a book voluntarily are still getting the same knowledge, skills and stimulation from favourite websites or blogs. Tegs6 spoke of Postman’s 5 things we need to know and it did get me wondering if all students engage with is the internet will things like spelling and grammar go out the window? I was horrified to hear in the video that it took a child until grade three to learn that ‘your’ is not spelt ‘ur’. With this is mind surely its time teachers recognise the potential this holds and step up to promoting high quality sites that will contribute to the student’s education?